Fat grafting after bilateral mastectomy? (photos)

I would like to have the concave areas on my chest filled in with fat grafting. Is this possible? I just want some padding. How do I find a doctor that can do this?

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Fat grafting

Thank you for your picture and question. Depending on the amount of available fat for harvest you may or may not be a good candidate for fat grafting alone to your breasts, only after consultation and exam could this be determined. Have you considered a flap as well? It is best that you meet with a board certified plastic surgeon experienced in breast reconstruction who can help determine which reconstructive option is best for you. Good luck!

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Dr Kayser

Thank you for your question. You would certainly benefit from fat transfer after mastectomy. There are variables that can have an impact on your outcome such as the amount available fat and, just as importantly, the quality of the tissue into which the fat is being placed. The biggest deterrents and limiting factor would be whether or not you have had prior radiation. Fat transfer would occur in cycles using external expansion with what is referred to as a Brava dome which is worn approximately 3 weeks before each session. Each session is then spread out every 3 to 4 months so you can expect that your elapsed time to completion could be as long as one to two years depending on the final volume you wish wish to achieve. There are many surgeons who do offer this procedure throughout the country and I would certainly encourage you to research this approach. Please see the attached video for this exact procedure on my site and should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our practice. I hope this helps and have a wonderful day. Dr. Kayser - Detroit

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Fat grafting after mastectomy

fat grafting can be an excellent way to improve contour irregularities after mastectomy. However, without a lengthy process of external skin expansion it is unlikely to give you any type of breast mound. In keeping with the idea of using your own tissue, DIEP flap reconstruction is a great way to give you natural breasts and to improve the contour of your tummy Seek a surgeon who has vast experience in breast reconstruction Good luck!!

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Fat grafting

You are a great candidate for fat grafting to correct the contour deformities of the chest.  If you are interested in breast reconstruction with fat grafting, you will need external expansion of the skin flaps (Brava technique) and serial fat grafting. Recommend a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. Best, Dr. Yegiyants 

Sara Yegiyants, MD, FACS
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