Will Braces Fix my Severly Overcrowded & Crooked Teeth? (photo)

I have went to several dentists but have been told that my left canine (which overlaps my left inscisor) would need to be removed or that braces would correct it. But I am worried that removing the tooth would leave a deep pocket in my gum or damage my left inscisor. My other fear is that since the tooth is so far into my gum, that braces wont be able to move it at all

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Braces alone will not solve your problem.

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Braces alone will not solve your problem.  Don't despair though as help can be on the way.   You most certainly have constricted and underdeveloped jaw structures.  Although a thorough evaluation would need to be completed, this probably can be nicely corrected by the use of functional facial orthopedic appliances prior to braces or Invisalign.  This can add significant new bone structure to correct the underdevelopment of your jaw structures, and add new bone structure to allow correction of the alignment of the teeth without the need for any extractions.  Without this step and going straight to braces, a number of permanent teeth would need to be removed.  This would be a great shame since the narrowness or underdevelopment of your jaw structures would remain and consequently straight teeth could be made, but your smile would remain constricted.  For further information I would refer you to my website or my book referenced as a link.  

Braces cam do wonders

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Please don't get your tooth pulled out. You have good looking teeth that just need to be put in the correct spot. Please go see a good orthodontist and you will never regret it. This looks bad but is not hard to fix-I promise :-)


Vijay Bhagia, Space Center Orthodontics, Houston TX

Vijay Bhagia, DMD
Houston Orthodontist

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