3.5 weeks post op breast reduction/lift. Small wound appeared at the T junction, now turned into small hole! (photos)

Is this normal? The sound which k found a week ago had looked like maybe the scab fell off at the T junction. Doctor is out of town and normally 2.5 hours away, so online answers showed to clean with hydrogen peroxide and cover with non stick bandage. All was ok until this morning, it now has a hole! Inside the hole can't see much but white/yellow tissue. It doesn't hurt but has a little yellow discharge. I do not see any stitches. I will contact my doctor on Monday but can I resume normal exercise activities?

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Hole at "T"

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T junction problems are common, but the way your surgeon handles them is their personal preference. The best answer is to get in touch with your surgeon so they can evaluate your wound and make a proper recommendation based on their experiences.

Roswell Plastic Surgeon

Wound care

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Sorry, but you have to see your doctor or his coverage to get appropriate advice. Examining you in person is appropriate.  Good luck!

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Wound at "T"

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Hi, and thanks for your question and photos.  Problems at the "T" area are very common and can range from skin loss, to fat loss (necrosis) to suture reaction.  Which exactly is going on with you is unclear.  The main concern at this point would be infection.  I think you have started on a good course of treatment to prevent this with good hygiene and wound care.  You may also want to use a topical antibiotic.  Your photos do not seem to show any signs of infection - redness, swelling, drainage; but if you do develop these problems or fever/chills and increased pain, you need to be seen immediately.  Otherwise, I think you can wait to see your doctor.  In the meantime, I recommend you refrain from any high impact exercise.  Best of luck.

3.5 weeks post op breast reduction/lift. Small wound appeared at the T junction

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Congratulations on having undergone the breast reduction procedure.  Unfortunately, these types of delayed healing problems are not uncommonly encountered, especially at the "T junctions". These wounds go on to heal through a process of contraction where the tissues heal from the sides towards the center of the wound; this process usually takes several weeks to occur, depending on the size of the wound. Occasionally, (for larger wounds than yours) removal of unhealthy tissue (debridement) and/or removal of exposed sutures, may expedite the healing process.   Keep the area clean/covered; you should be able to continue to exercise normally, but confirm with your plastic surgeon. Best wishes;  despite the separation/wound it is most likely that you will be pleased with the longer-term outcome of the procedure.

Breast augmentation post op

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Thanks for the question. In my practice, after performing a BA I recommend to my patients to limit the movement of the arms for two weeks. After that, you can move your arms taking care and always with common sense. 
In this regard, it's not advisable to carry heavy weights to prevent the implant out of position, and allow the formation of the physiological capsule around the implant, also to avoid pain and breast swelling. Kind regards

Emmanuel Mallol Cotes, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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