2 weeks 3 days post op breast augmentation. What is this strange tendon looking thing under my breast? (Photo)

I noticed yesterday a strange area under my right breast when I stretch back a bit that seems to be a tense tendon or something. It doesn't bother me unless I arch my back too far, or I touch the area while leaning back. What could this be? It extends downwards from my incision about an inch and a half to two inches and tapers out quickly. **my steri strips aren't dirty. It it the coloration from my sweater today** 400cc round HP Mentor Memorygel implants submuscular 13bwd 34A preop 34 DD post op.

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Mondor's Cord...

This "tendon" structure is attributed to an inflamed or irritated vein and the treatment is ibuprofen and warm compresses periodically. 

Speak with your plastic surgeon to see if they would recommend these treatments for you.

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Mondor's syndrome

Hi.  The "tendon" like thing you are describing is actually an irritated vein.  This is known as "Mondor's cord" - after the person that described it, and it is not at all uncommon after breast surgery.  Fortunately, it is not a sign of anything serious, and goes away on its own.  Treatment includes: warm compresses, massage, and a NSAID, like ibuprofen.

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What is this strange tendon looking thing under my breast?

Your plastic surgeon will always be your best resource when it comes an accurate assessment and advice.  Your photograph is  consistent with inflammation of a vein below the breast (Mondor's vein). It is not uncommonly seen after breast augmentation surgery. Treatment consists of warm compresses and the use of anti-inflammatories; you should see the “problem” resolve within a few weeks/months.

Best wishes.

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Mondor's disease

This vertically oriented transverse cord is not uncommon after infra-mammary crease incisions for breast augmentation. The incision has transected a very small vein that has clotted beneath the incision. This is a benign process that is self-limited over a 2 to 3 month period of time. It is not a clot that can travel and cause problems. Our patients are recommended to use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatorys and warm heat for a few weeks along with some massage of the area and that seems to help dissipate these in a month or so. Congratulations on your surgery.

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