Platysmaplasty now lower lip, chin won't move. Any suggestions?

I had platysmaplasty 7 days ago. I have had a lot of pain, swallowing was almost impossible, not due to tightness but to pain. General anesthesia. 5 days after I could tolerate swallowing. Hydrocodone didn't touch it! My main concern is this: My chin and lower lip won't move. Is this temporary? The 1st night I realized when I tried to brush my teeth and water went everywhere. Is this a nerve in the suture? Can it be undone? I follow up with the surgeon tomorrow. Thanks

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Be patient

Its only 7 days after your surgery. Its very unlikely that there was permanent nerve damage on both sides with a platysmaplasty. You may have weakness resulting from your lift. It's best to be patient and follow with your surgeon.

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Platysmaplasty now lower lip, chin won't move. Any suggestions?

Hello Justme1122,
There is a nerve on both the left and right side of your face that comes just below your jawline, then back up to allow those muscles to move that help lower your lip.  Although not impossible, it is would be highly unlikely that any permanent damage was done to those nerves with only a platysmaplasty being performed.  With liposcution there can sometimes be some slight injury to those nerves which takes some time to recover.  But it is almost unheard of that both sides would be affected.  It is more likely related to swelling creating a temporary bruising on the nerves and they should come back.  
The best thing to do is follow up with your surgeon as scheduled so he or she can better evaluate and let you know what is going on.
I hope this helps and good luck.  

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