I really want my teeth fixed but can't afford a whole replacement? (Photos)

am i a good candidate for the snap on smile. i have a over bite on the left side and 2 missing molers on 1side and 1 on the other

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you should take a look what many americans and canadians are doing , they are going abroad for dental tourism, its something where you can get up to 60% below prices but you will get the same quality and materials, you can get zyrconium crownsstarting from 450 , so i think you should do some research, now qbout your case , what you are asking about the snapon, thats something that does not work, and its temporary, you should go for somehting that lasts, adn it will give you a aesthetical and functional solution.

Affordable smile

Affordable smiles  should be available to everybody on an average you can expect to pay about $700 per tooth that you want to replace.  your bite and smile is not as bad as what I see on a regular basis.  what you need to have done can be completed in a few days

Richard Sprague, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist
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