Should I consider a hair transplant or wait a few more months to see if the injections will help my hair grow back? (Photo)

I am an African American female. I received injections for three months of triamcinolone and xylocaine. I also take vitamins and use olive oil on my hair. I only apply a relaxer on my hair every three months. My hair continues to shed but new hairs are not being replaced in the area where it is thinning. Instead, the area has expanded in length and width. I only have this problem from the crown of my head moving forward. Should I consider hair transplant? How many grafts do you think I'll need?

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It's important to get a diagnosis before you waste money

Hair transplantation will only work if your skin is NOT the problem. Transplants work when hair is lost due to a problem of the hair follicle. You may have a disease of the scalp (that is a scarring alopecia) that is making you lose hair. If that's the case, then the grafted hairs will die as well.  It would be best to have the area biopsied to get a diagnosis before proceeding.  Good luck!

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Hair Transplant?

I am concerned about what I am looking at. Was this area ever biopsied. Do you have some form of scarring alopecia? I wold have to see more photos at the minimum as if you have a scarring alopecia, then hair transplants will fail. 

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You need to understand why your are losing hair and what you are being treated for.

You need to understand why your are losing hair and what you are being treated for.  Hair transplant may not be the answer based on which condition you are being treated for.

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Losing hair

Did you receive a diagnosis before starting the triamcinolone injections? 

I would recommend a consultation with a hair restoration surgeon who can evaluate your hair and scalp, as well as nonsurgical options that you have. You may have a scarring alopecia, and rushing into a hair transplant will do no good as, if this is the case, the grafts will be destroyed the same as your native hair is. You may also need a scalp biopsy.

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