Can a floating BB be placed at the same spot and not lowered?

I'm a candidate for a modified TT with a floating BB. Just want to know if it's possible to put back the BB in the same position vs lowering it. I don't like that idea. I'm 5ft and 135 lbs.

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Floating Belly Button

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If you are candidate for a Floating BB is because you do not have skin enough to be pulled down to reach the pubic area, so it will be unavoidable to lower the position of the BB.If you want your BB the same position, you doctor must do another technique where the end result will be a  2cm aprox vertical incision in between the pubic area and the BB, no other way around.Be encouraged.Dr. Cardenas

Can a floating BB be placed at the same spot and not lowered?

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By its very nature the belly button is shifted lower.  Most patients how are considered for floats can be converted to full with the appropriate techniques.Kenneth Hughes, MDLos Angeles, CA

What is Floating Belly Button Tummy Tuck?

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A Tummy Tuck is fine to achieve flatness of the abdomen after the permanent changes brought about by pregnancy, obesity, weight fluctuations, sun exposure and or aging. Often the key to achieving flatness are complete tightness of all muscle looseness combined with removal of all loose tummy skin. To get the loose skin off you, the surgeon has 2 choices regarding the belly button:1. Leave attached to the abdominal wall and separate it from the tummy skin 2. Leave it attached to the tummy skin and divide it at the level of the abdominal wall   Ideally, the belly button is located at or slightly above the hip bones. IF you are a taller woman with muscle  separation ( i.e. 2 pregnancies) but very little excess lower tummy skin and you are high waisted with a high belly button the belly button float tummy tuck may be for you since after the muscles are tighter the amount of skin removed is not excessive and although the belly button will be pulled down with the skin removal it would still fall within an acceptable range. Let's assume we have the same woman but like you she was insistent on both having a hidden transverse tummy tuck but also insists on not have her belly button end up too low. In this case, the belly button is left attached to the abdominal wall but must be unbuttoned from the skin with an incision between it and the tummy skin. The excess skin is removed and IF the hole where the belly button used to exit does not clear the transverse incision, the former belly button hole needs to be stitched as a vertical 1.5-2 inch incision ending up as a vertical scar. The belly button stays in the exact position it was always in but you have a tighter tummy since the area it WAS in was pulled much lower and was closed with a vertical scar. 
Please make sure you understand the merits of each technique since raising a belly button deemed too low is not an easy operation. 
Dr. Peter A. AldeaMemphis, TN

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Can a floating BB be placed at the same spot and not lowered

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f you are trying to leave the belly button where it is now as well as pull the skin that is above the belly button down tighter, then you cannot float the belly button. That will lead to a vertical scar lower than the belly button to close the old belly button hole.

Julio Garcia, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Can a floating belly button be placed at the same spot and not lowered?

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A floating belly button is connected to the abdominal skin, and not the underlying abdominal wall. When excess skin is removed, the floating belly button is pulled down and becomes lower on the abdomen.
The way to address this problem, is to leave the belly button attached to the abdomen. If there is not enough skin to remove the old belly button hole, then there will be a 2 cm long vertical scar between your belly button and your pubic bone. This tends to heal very nicely, and is not noticeable.

Floating belly button.

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A floating belly button is utilized an abdominoplasty surgery generally in situations where the patient has minimal excess abdominal skin. In abdominoplasty surgery, generally the umbilical stock or belly button is detected free from the abdominoplasty skin and subcutaneous tissue flap and left attached to the deep abdominal faccia and is reinserted after the abdominal skin and subcutaneous tissue flap has been advanced downwards and the excess skin has been excised. The umbilicus is then  inserted into a new location in the abdominoplasty flap at about the original level that the original umbilicus or belly button was at. The other option is to float the belly button down with the abdominoplasty flap advancement down words. If after your flap disection, there is not enough excess skin to remove all of the skin between your inferior or lower incision line and the site of your original umbilicus or belly button, then you would require closure of the original umbilicus site which would leave a several centimeter long scar or you might require a "T" closure of your abdominoplasty incision line. Best of luck.

Jack Peterson, MD
Topeka Plastic Surgeon
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Floating belly button tummy tuck

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Thank you for your question.  With a floating belly button technique it will be pulled down as the lower abdominal skin is excised. The alternative is to perform a conventional tummy tuck or lipoabdominoplasty and accept a small vertical scar to close the native umbilical position.  There will also be a peri umbilical scar at the relative new position of the belly button. When performed with precision the scar can be quite acceptable.  Personally I prioritize umbilical position and abdominal proportions over a small scar.
Best Dr. L

Andre Levesque, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon


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Unfortunately, if you float the belly button it will float downstream with the rest of the skin that is removed. The only way not to move the bellybutton is to replace it through a new hole so that it ends up in the same spot, or higher.  Your surgeon should be able to draw you some pictures and explained why this is the case.
Good luck!

Mark T. Boschert, MD
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 37 reviews

Floating umbo TT

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Thanks for your question. To be a candidate for umbilical float procedure you need to have: 1. a high natural belly button position2. mild excess abdominal skin
It is very unusual to qualify for this procedure at your height. It rarely is a good idea for someone under 5'5''. To answer your question: you can perform a mini TT, with rectus plication, and float the BB back to the same position. At your height you would more likely be a candidate for this. This procedure is good for people with some excess skin of the lower abdomen only, need muscle correction, and a normal to low BB position. 

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