Is there anyway to fix my belly button? (photos)

I had a tummy tuck about 4 months ago, I loved everything about it. Except how my belly button looks. I'm really self conscious about it. Is there anyway to fix it so it could look more natural or anyway to hide the scar?

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Belly button

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This looks like a hypertrophic scar, not uncommon after tummy tucks.  At this point I would advice intra-lesional steroid injections one month apart for 3 months.  Following that after about a year, if it is still unacceptable, I'd try excising and repairing with a different technique and different sutures.  I have had great success with a specific technique in this circumstance

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Is there anyway to fix my belly button? (photos)

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Good afternoon and thank you for your question.  This appears to be what is called hypertrophic scarring, the symptoms being red, ropey or tight scarring.  This can often respond well with steroid injection and/or laser to soften and smooth down the scar and yes, the other option could be revising the scar though there is a possibility of the same difficult scarring recurring.  It is best to follow up with your surgeon for assessment and treatment options to arrive at the best outcome.

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