Am I too slim for BBL? How much volume cc would I require for subtle front and behind curves?

I'm not into the Kim kardasian look, I just wish for slight more hip curve and slightly bigger behind, maybe 2-3 inches bigger. I weigh 125ib and my height is 5ft 6.. I am willing to gain weight. this is my current weight look...

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Am I too slim for BBL? How much volume cc would I require for subtle front and behind curves?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well... I will recommend you to gain weight first, your CC number cannot be told before you have surgery, but since im seeing your pictures I can say that if you want noticeable results you can try to gain weight to have at least 600 to 800 cc's of injected fat, you will look beautiful.

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Am I too slim for BBL? How much volume cc would I require for subtle front and behind curves?

I think you are beautiful!!! I personally would not do anything if I was you. If you really want to do something, it looks like you have some excess fat (not a ton) over your waistline and love handles. Everyone has some on the front of their thighs. This could be used to add some projection to your buttocks. It would likely only yield a few hundred cc's to each side. In someone slim like you, this is noticeable. 

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Are you too slim for a BBL?

Ideal candidates are at a stable weight,  in good health , and have excess fat in some parts of the body and too little in other regions.  Gaining weight before the procedure is to no advantage and when you lose weight again the fat cells will shrink just like the donor site fat cells.  Typically, the transferred fat results in a significant increase in volume of the body site being treated.

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Ideal BBL Candidates

A Brazilian Butt Lift involves fat transfer to the buttock to improve the its size and shape. The final result is influenced by what shape the patient has to start with, the retraction of the skin after liposuction, the amount of fat grafted, and how much fat survives (50%-70%). 

The ideal BBL patient is at or near their ideal weight and is looking for shaping and a moderate augmentation of their buttock. Based on your pictures, you appear to have a near ideal shape already. If you wish have a modest augmentation, a BBL after a modest weight gain could help.

See the link below for more info.

A detailed examination will help delineate the best surgical treatment and help estimated amount of fat that is available for transfer. Consultation with a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery would be the next best step.

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Thank you for your question and photographs.

I would recommend that you schedule an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon so they can perform a physical examination of your body and see if you are a good candidate for BBL or not. If you have little body fat, you may be a better candidate for buttock implants. I do not recommend patients gaining weight prior to surgery because weight fluctuations before or after the procedure can affect your results. For patients who have little body fat I recommend using buttock implants using the XYZ technique which is intramuscular. This would be the best option for you if you do not have enough body fat to harvest for a Brazilian butt lift and will help you achieve a curvier look. Best of luck in your endeavors!

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