Can I have pierced nipples and breast augmentation? (Photo)

So I am wanting to get my nipples pierced however I soon would like to be getting implants, are you able to still have pierced nipples with implants? Also how long does it take for the surgery to fully heal? Would you be able to get the implants that go under the muscle? What's the difference in that? Are you able to work out and do everything normal with implants? Are my boobs able to be become a triple d beings I have such small boobs? Also I have flat nipples is that a problem?

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Breast augmentation and nipple piercing

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Hello and thank you for your excellent question. You are a great candidate for a breast augmentation.  The size, profile, shape, texture, and type of implant (e.g., saline, silicone gel, “gummy bear”) is based on your desired versus existing breast size and shape, your chest wall measurements, and soft tissue quality. Yes, it is possible to have a nipple piercing at the time of your augmentation. Of course, you will need an in-person consultation to evaluate you for this procedure. Preoperative visualization and surgical simulation with the Crisalix system may help with your decision. I suggest that you find a board-certified plastic surgeon with whom you are comfortable. Be sure to have all of your questions answered during a face-to-face meeting with your surgeon, and review before and after pictures of patients who have had similar procedures. Good luck!


Jon Ver Halen, MD FACS

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Breast augmentation

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I am happy to pierce nipples at the time of breast augmentation.  While you are asleep this can be done in a painless manner.  I have my patients bring whatever jewelry they want put into the piercing.

Pierced nipples

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I usually recommend waiting 3 months after surgery in order to get nipple piercings.  You have many good questions and they are best answered in person with a board-certified plastic surgeon.  You appear to be an excellent candidate, so please make an appointment to get all your questions answered. Best wishes.

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Breast augmentation goals

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Breast augmentation has many different types of implants, locations and sizes with different profiles available to reach most patients realistic goals.  A board certified plastic surgeon should be able to navigate what you want and what is possible with your body frame.  Active patients are warned about going under the muscle to avoid sub muscular complications if they are very physically active.  Piercings can be done and should be done after to avoid risk of burns with cautery used during surgery or should be removeable.


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You have many questions concerning this type of surgery. . You should consult with an experienced Breast Plastic Surgeon in your area. You will find the answers to your questions will vary from surgeon to surgeon.

Breast Augmentation

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You are an excellent candidate for breast augmentation. Nipple piercings can be done either before or after your augmentation. Your implant choice will be determined during your consultation but an under the muscle position is likely needed. You could get to DDD bra with a high profile implant but the width will need to be determined by measurements at your consultation. Best wishes. 

Considering DDD

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The goal of breast augmentation is to create an aesthetic breast with the size, shape, and projection that is desired by the patient. During a breast augmentation consultation, measurements of the breasts are used as a starting point to recommend a breast implant. From there, the decision on size, shape, and position of these implants is based on the patient’s anatomy, the type and size of the implant, patient preference, and the goals of surgery.

See the link below for more information. 

Based on your pictures, a silicone implant in a dual-plane pocket will give you a nice result without compromising your ability to exercise and lift weights. Nipple piercings are not an issue. Given your current breast size, however, there may not enough space or enough tissue to accommodate very large implants. 

In addition, with a large augmentation, there are increased increased risks. These include nipple sensation loss, damage to the skin resulting in stretch marks, bottoming out and outward displacement of the implants, early drooping of the breasts, and neck and back pain.

A detailed examination will help delineate the best surgical treatment. In office sizing and digital three-dimensional computer simulations can help guide your implant choices. Consultation with a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery would be the next best step.

Nipple Piercing and Breast Augmentation

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Nipple piercing can be done before or after breast augmentation. If you have nipple piercings already, they need to be removed during surgery.

Nipple piercing

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A nipple piercing is ok if you have implants, but I wold have the implants done first then have the piercings once you have healed.

Breast augmentation

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Hi, thanks for sharing your concern and photos with us!

Looking at your photos I might say that you´ll be a great candidate to get a breast augmentation with implants. The size of the implant will depend of what you want and what your body support; the results of this procedure are beautiful, giving you and excellent shape of the inner and outer pole of the breast. 

About the piercing, my recommendation is to get after the breast procedure, like 6 month post op, so you can get use to your new chest and it has heal properly.

Before all this, of course, you need to get a complete medical evaluation and laboratory exams to check everything is fine, please also look for a board certified plastic surgeon that helps to get what you are looking for, remember that your safety, always, must be first.

Good luck and have a great day!


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