Allergic to restylane. Am I able to get juvederm?

I had a small amount of restylane injected in my arm. I have super sensitive skin. Waited 48 hrs. It got extremely red 2 inches around the injection site, dr. said it was an allergic reaction. Got 2 drs opinions, one said no to juvederm and the other said yes. I have had juvederm injections about 5 years ago, had itchiness from it for about a month then went away. Am I able to get it now?

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Allergy to Injection

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I would definitely suggest testing the other product before injection to see if you are allergic.  Best, Dr. Green

Product allergy?

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I suggest testing the other product before using it, because they are made differently it might be ok.  But both are hyaluronic acid products.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
4.2 out of 5 stars 30 reviews

Allergy to Restylane

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Juvederm and Restylane are both Hyaluronic acid based fillers, so if you have an allergy to one you will may  have a reaction to the other. It sounds like in the past you had a mild reaction to the Juvederm based on the itchiness around your mouth. With that being said, I have had patients who can handle one and not the other. I would recommend you get a test spot done with the Juvederm before you get it injected. Additionally, Restylane and Juvederm come both with or without the lidocaine. The lidocaine acts a topical anesthetic. Although rare, some people can be allergic to this medication. So I would look into the possibility that you may be reacting to the lidocaine and you can try a test spot with the filler without the lidocaine.

Lenore Sikorski, MD
Orange County Dermatologist
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Juvederm after Restylane...MAYBE

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Agree with a test dose. Restylane is made in a different way than Juvederm and may contain additional proteins that can induce allergy.  I have successfully used Juvederm in many patients after they developed an allergy to Restylane.

Melissa Toyos, MD
Nashville Ophthalmologist

Can Juvederm be used in someone allergic to Restylane?

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Since you had a reaction to the Restylane when it was tested in your arm, I would recommend testing the Juvederm on your arm as well.  This way, you could be fairly certain about any reaction you could possibly get on your face.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Allergy to injectable fillers

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Thank you for your question.

You can get a small sample of the Juvederm injected under the skin of your inner forearm (volar forearm) either by the injector or an allergist and see if you develop an allergic reaction to it before you get it injected in your face.

These products are very expensive so I am sure you will hae to pay for that.

Dr Karamanoukian

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