How much Retin A would you recommend for me?

Im 21 I have recently gotten many breakouts on my face. Usually when I do breakout I only get it on my face around my t-zone but recently I have gotten huge zits all over the right side of my face! Even on my cheek What should I do? What im left with now is scaring. I my scaring usually heals really fast about 2-3 weeks but this seems more severe especially the huge zit that was on my cheek. I heard about how retin A can promote faster cell turn over to get clear skin because of the form of vitamin A.

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Retin-A for acne

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Retin-A is not a great solution for cystic, scarring acne. For that type of acne you would need an oral medication most likely. You should visit a dermatologist asap to get the appropriate medication(s).

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