How long, following a breast reduction surgery, is it OK to have your nipples pierced?

I am looking into having a reduction in December, and am going on vacation in March. Is that enough healing time if I wanted to get them pierced by then?

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Wait 6 Months After Breast Reduction Before Piercing

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My recommendation to patients is that they should wait 6 months after the breast reduction procedure to ensure there is no infection and that their surgery scars are healing fine. During a post-surgery appointment, your surgeon will be able to assess your recovery and advise you as to the appropriate time to wait before having your nipples pierced.

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Nipple piercing after breast reduction

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As long as you are healing normally I would think you should be fine. I would be more worried about having it done just before vacation, especially if your trip involved water or different physical activities (wink wink). You wouldn't want to be sore and ruin your good time.

I would let your surgeon know your plans and once they feel you have healed adequately they can give you the green light. You might even be fine to go as early as 6 weeks.

Stacey Folk, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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