I am very unhappy with my Invisalign treatment. Can I get a refund and get braces?

I went through the Invisalign process with a dentist- not an orthodontist. I have been left in the dark so to speak for the entire process, and my dentists do not have any idea what they're doing as I am their first Invisalign case. My teeth look worse than they did before now and I really want braces to fix it. Is it possible to get a refund for my failed treatment even though I didn't go to an orthodontist?

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Caveat Emptor

You should have a conversation personally with your dentists. I am a little confused that you did use the word dentists instead of dentist. Are more than one dentist treating you? Do they know how to perform conventional braces? If they do, you should allow them to use that technique.

Unfortunately ,this is a perfect example as to why you should always seek an experienced cosmetic dentist, dentist or orthodontist to perform Invisalign. Invisalign is not the same from one dentist to another. The results will vary depending on the experience and skill of the professional providing the care.

Patients should always ask what experience the dentist has had performing the procedure before they undergo treatment .  Did you know you were there first Invisalign patient before they started? Your provider's had absolutely no experience other than their certification training. They had not ever started or completed any cases so you agreed to be their guinea pig if you knew this ahead of time.

Invisalign is merely a technique. It is not the same from one practitioner to another. Sorry that you didn't get the results you want, but I cannot emphasize more that patients should always seek the "Experience" rather than the "Deal".

Douglas Jopling,  DDS
Dallas,  Texas area

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