Will Artefill Look Better/same/or Worse As my Own Collagen Replaces the Bovine Collagen?

I got 1.5syringes to make my chin stronger, and a 0.5 of a syringe to raise the height of my nasal bridge.immedaite results were excellent.The lady who injected was smart and exp'd with artefill. It has been 1.5 weeks since then and I have noticed the areas injected do not look as good, it looks almost back to normal. I know the bovine collagen is being absorbed and my own collagen will replace it. My Q is, when that happens will the areas look better/same/or worse than the immediate results?

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Artefill results

Usually Artefill decreases in volume overt the first month and builds back up over the next three.  It typically takes two to three injection sessions to achieve what one sees in the immediate results.

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