Will Artefill Migrate and Move to Other Areas?

If I have Artefill injected into my nasal folds, can you tell me if Artefill will move anywhere throughout the body or is it permanently stablized in the nasal folds?

I am very interested in this product since the Restylane injections seem to fade out after 6 or 8 months. I just want to be sure that once injected correctly, it will no move to other parts of my body. Thanks.

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Artefill does not migrate in the facial tissues

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ArteFill will not migrate from the area it is placed. The body grows its own collagen around the ArteFill beads (PMMA) and hold it in place. It has been brought back to the market by Suneva Medical and is again available. I have had very nice long term results with the product and patients love the value of a long lasting filler. I will primarily use it in the laugh lines or the marionette lines. It does require a skin test to the collagen component of the product for possible rare allergy.

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Artefill migration

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Dear Ms. Weintraub, Artes Medical went bankrupt last year. If Artefill is available then make sure you check the expiry date of the product. The PMMA beads do not migrate. They cause a local inflammatory process that promotes collagen deposition and the beads are locked into place. The primary indication is the Naso Labial folds and Marrionette lines. This is a good product and hopefully someone will bring it back. I have used Artefill and the predecessor Artecoll for 11 years with great long term results.

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