Artefill Non Surgical Rhinoplasty - How Should I Wait Before 2nd Treatment?

I had Artefill placed in my nose a few weeks ago.. Looked great, but as expected the volume has already decreased significantly. How long should you wait for a second treatment? Does everyone form collagen around the PMMA beads? Thanks

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Don't get too much Artefill in the nose too quickly

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The way Artefill works is the cow collagen gets absorbed and then the human collagen forms. So you should not get a 2nd treatment for at least 2 months. The Artefill correction starts to go away after the first month and then the correction will come back. Artefill in the nose is an off label use and should be done very carefully by a very experienced injector. Don’t get too much in the nose too quickly.

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Artefill Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

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With all fillers, it is important that the product be injected into the right anatomical plane to avoid complications.  Artefill has a bovine collagen "carrier" that dissipates within a short time and this combined with the resolution of swelling explains the volume loss.  I recommend 6 to 8 weeks between treatments.

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Two months between Artefill treatments

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Some of the initial correction patients see is simply from swelling from the injection itself. This usually resolves over a few days. Then there is a period where the bovine collagen is being resorbed but the patient's own collagen has not yet fully replaced it. For these reasons, I usually have my patients wait about 2 months between sessions. Most patients can be properly corrected with two treatments, but occasionally require three treatments.

As for collagen formation around the PMMA beads, it's pretty reliable, but the usual things that can impair collagen production still apply: e.g., corticosteroid use (prednisone, kenalog), smoking, too much pressure on the treatment area, etc. Eliminate those complicating factors and most patient will do very well with Artefill.

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