Not seeing any results at all from Artefill. Is this normal? (photo)

Am 40 & hate laugh lines. Still small amt of juve from 5 mths ago. 5 days ago had consult at dr's office w/ artefill injector & got 5 syringe kit. 4 syringes done (2 syringes 8cc each on each side along/under cheeks). Can't see difference AT ALL around mouth-all that I wanted fixed. They think final syringe May. This was a unexpected splurge I was not expecting & hope didn't waste ton $! I trust office but confused esp when I was told 1 syringe worthless, 2 little better but 5 would "wow"

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Early result, Artefill

It takes time for the Artefill microspheres to become incorporated into your tissues and do their "magic" of stimulating your collagen. Be patient and return to your physician for the remainder of your injections in about 6 to 8 weeks. You are very likely to get a result, but it is never fully predictable how much volume of correction you will achieve. Best of luck.

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Reviewing Standardized Pre and Post Procedure Photographs Will Help to Appreciate Treatment Results.

Hello, I understand that you recently had 4 syringes of Artefill (now called Bellafill) injected into your face.  You have 1 syringe left for use at a later date.  You stated that you had 2 syringes injected on each side.  Each syringe is 1cc.  To clear up any confusion and for educational purposes, you had 2cc injected on each side and not 8cc as you indicated.  Each syringe is 1 cc.  Each individual with volume loss in the face has varying amounts of deflation and the amount of filler used to restore the volume loss to satisfactory condition is quite variable among individuals.  You indicated that 2 syringes were injected on each side "along and under cheeks".  I do not expect you or most non-medically trained people to know facial anatomical vocabulary but your description of the area(s) where you were injected is relatively vague.  I wonder where exactly the 2 cc's were placed on each side?  Did your injector inject into your cheeks (midface) and your nasolabial folds (smile lines)?  The nasolabial fold is the crease that extends from just outside of the nostril down to the outer corner of the upper lip.  The so called marionette lines (labiomandibular groove) extends from the outer corner of the mouth down towards the chin.  Typically, two (2) cc's of filler is more than enough substance to correct a deeper nasolabial fold as well as the marionette line on one side.  Some natural amount of nasolabial fold is normal and esthetically proper in all people.  It is nearly impossible and not esthetically pleasing to completely efface the nasolabial fold.  Therefore many times it is more important to add volume to the cheek (midface) for a more natural and esthetically pleasing and balanced appearance.  Depending on your pre-injection appearance, using 2 cc's on each side of the face to fill both the cheek and nasolabial fold may not be enough substance for an excellent correction.  With that said, it is very important to review your pre-injection photos with your post-injection photos to truly appreciate the changes created from the 2 cc's of Artefill already placed.  The results may be subtle but I would gander that there is some positive change.  The reality is that 5 cc's of filler no matter both the cost and the type of filler used is really not very much volume if multiple areas are being treated simultaneously.  It is the injector's duty to explain these things with each patient clearly.  Another observation that I have made is in the photo that you posted.  Your head and neck is being flexed downward.  We all have more "droopiness" to our lower face and neck when are looking down (flexing our head and neck).  Most important is to have the pre and post procedure photos standardized.  That means that the face is in exactly the same position in both the pre and post procedure pictures.  That way, a true observation can be made of the results from the treatment.  I understand your frustration.  Fillers are expensive and if your expectations have not been met then frustration can occur.  If available, please review your pre and post photos.  I think you will see some nice improvement.  Take care, Dr. Mitchell.  

Ryan Mitchell, DO, FAOCO
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No results from Artefill

Artefill works by stimulating your own tissue to build up and fill in the treated areas.  The results from this stimulation may take 1-2 months to see.  In my experience, it is unusual that just one treatment session would achieve the desired result.  Normally, several sessions, spaced 1-2 months apart, are needed.   

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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