Can Artefill Be Used over a Sculptra-filled Area?

Can artefill be used over an area that has been treated with sculptra in the past? Also, what is the difference between artefill and sculptra? Does the stuff in these things ever go away or is it in the body forever, waiting to cause problems???? Yikes. And as one ages, does that part sink to another area and then look odd like a lopsided cheek implant or something?

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Artefill use over an area treated with Sculptra

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I have used both products in the same patient, and in my opinion, Artefill can be used over an area previously treated with Sculptra. There is a timing issue however.  What you don't want to happen is to have both agents causing stimulation of the tissue at the same time, as this can lead to potential problems.  I believe that the majority of the stimulation from Sculptra has occurred after about two months following the treatment.  So, just to be on the safe side, I would recommend waiting at least six months after the Sculptra treatment before having any Artefill placed.  There is another issue that has to be considered with using both products as well.  If the Sculptra is used first, and then the Artefill, there is going to be some loss of volume over time as the Sculptra result fades.  As this occurs, you may need to have more Artefill placed to restore the volume that has receded from the Sculptra effect.    

The difference between Artefill and Sculptra is that Artefill gives a permanent result and Sculptra does not.  Both products cause stimulation of the tissue, which leads to the production of more volume to the treated area.  The active material in the Artefill does not get metabolized away by the body, so it stays there forever once it is injected.  With Sculptra, the active material is metabolized away over time, so the result fades after about two to four years.

As you grow older, your face and body will continue to age.  So even after treatment with a permanent product like Artefill, there still will be changes occurring over time.  However, the treated area should not descend to another area and cause a deformity.  I hope this answers all of your questions.   

San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Artefill and Sculptra

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Making the choice of which soft tissue filler to use depends on the soft tissue augmentation or correction that you are looking for.  I am an experienced and long time user of both Scuptra and Artefill and like and trust these products.  In my opinion and based on my experience, I like to inject Artefill deeper and over the periosteum, to correct the bone loss that occurs with aging.  Artefili is excellent over the cheek bones, on the chin for chin augmentation, or over the mandibular body in med to get that masculine square jaw look.  Scultpra is excellent everywhere and has a softer correction.  Make sure you go to an experienced practitioner who not only knows how to use these products but also has a good understanding of the anatomical changes that happen in the face as we age, so that you can have the most natural results possible.

Artefill after Sculptra

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This should be taken with caution.

If Sculptra was used a long time ago-more than 2 years and there are no residuals, you may consider the use of Artefill.

There is not enough clinical support in the literature wheher the combined use of Artefill and Sculptra is safe.

Good luck.

David Evdokimow, MD
Morristown Plastic Surgeon

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Artefill and Sculptra?

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I would not mix the two together. there is not enough literature to support the fact that its safe to do that. be careful!

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