Artefill Removal Possible Through Surgery?

I want to remove the Artefill overfilled on the right side of my mouth, and surgery is fine with me. I'd rather have a scar than a bulge that distorts the way I look. I actually scar very well, and my scars all but virtually disappear given time.

So, how adequately can Artefill be removed? Can enough be removed, at least to restore moreso the contour of my face? Getting it all out is not important. It is a small part that is very vital that must be removed.

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Can Artefill be removed through surgery?

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Artefill is essentially a permanent implantation of microscopic spheres that are integrated into your own skin tissue. Because they are dispersed, there is no way that I know of that would allow you to remove only the beads themselves.

I'm certainly sorry to hear you have an overcorrection. This could potentially have been avoided with a more gradual correction done over two or three visits.

Because the body's response is unique to each individual, some of the "over correction" could be partly your body's collagen response to an injected material. This is yet another reason anything permanent should be used very carefully and in my practice I'll only consider Artefill for patients who have had satisfaction with temporary fillers and we both know what to expect.

Artefill is not recommended for use in the lips. Tissue structure is different in different parts of the body and will accept and respond to different materials in certain ways. Thus we have a variety of fillers that are chosen for a particular area or purpose.

Only a plastic surgeon will be able to give you the most knowledgeable response to your problem. Seek an experienced board certified surgeon who has expertise in revisional surgery so any scar you "trade for" is the most minimal.

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Removing silicone from the lips and face - Los Angeles

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My office specializes in removal of silicone and some permanent fillers from the lips and around the face. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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