Artefill for Non-Surgical Nose Job

1)will artefill migrate 2)what happen to artefill after 20,30...years in our nose 3)side effects of artefill and way to fixed it 4)how to remove artefill 5)should i have to reinject it again after years 6)any precaution i should take before have artefill injection for my nose 7)will laser and heat(cosmetic lasering) effect artefill , if yes , how it change 8)would artefill change it's shape if i accidentally knock my nose thanks doc for your answering ^^

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Be VERY careful considerting Artefill for your nose

Artefill is a permanent filler only FDA approved in the US to fill the nasolabial (cheek) folds. I would think twice about having a permanent filler injected into your nose. Our medical literature is filled with complications about such procedures, and i have seen horrible complications from cosmetic nasal injections of paraffin and silicone performed in the Far East. Try an absorbable filler, instead.

Baltimore Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Artefill in the long term

1) Artefill will not migrate.

2) In the majority of patients--like anything else--results should be stable over decades. Even surgical rhinoplasty carries with it risks of long-term changes to the nose. This is why both procedures need to be done with great care and judgment.

3) Side effects are similar to other fillers: injection-site infection, lumps, bumps, granulomas, poor aesthetic result, etc. Each has its own solution.

4) The involved tissue could be excised if needed.

5) No.

6) Make sure the person injecting is also trained and experienced in doing surgical rhinoplasty, too.

7) No.

8) No.

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David C. Pearson, MD
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NO artefill in the nose

As an experienced facial injector and rhinoplasty surgeon, I advise strongly AGAINST using artefill in the nose.

Any material that you place in the nose can become infected, as evidenced by the extensive medical literature on implantable materials in the nose. Chronic infections may occur which can persist for YEARS. Biofilm formation, which can be resistant to antibiotics, can have long term devastating cosmetic outcomes. Lastly, I feel that outside of the nose, especially in the nasolabial folds and in acne scars, Artefill can be a wonderful and effective aesthetic option. I recommend using the optimal product to best address elective cosmetic concerns while minimizing unnecessary risks.

Benjamin Bassichis, MD, FACS
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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