Artefill in Lips. Will They Get Bigger Over Time?

Had 2 syringes injected into my lips about 3 weeks ago and didn't get the results i expected.I am hoping an expert in artefill can help me with this.The lips looked great until the swelling went down,, then so did my lips. The doctor said i need to give it time as the microspheres and collagen would bond over time. Question WILL THEY GET BIG AGAIN OVER TIME hard to believe they will? Thanks,,,

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Artefill in the lips

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All fillers and collagen stimulators have FDA approval to be used in certain areas on the face and body.  As physicians we have the perogative to go 'off-label' and inject these products in areas that do not have FDA approval.   I do this all the time.  The only products I do not inject into the lips are Artefill, Sculptra and Radiesse.  Lips will not benefit from collagen stimulation.  The fullness and softness of lips is due to the orbicularis muscle and all the wonderful soft tissue surrounding that muscle.   Stick with the more gentle plumping and filling effects of all the hyaluronics such as Juviderm or Restlane.

Los Gatos Dermatologic Surgeon
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Artefill in the lips: tred carefully !

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Artefill is a permanent filler and in Canada we have had experience with its first cousin Artesense and Artecoll since the late 90's. When used carefully and in selected cases, it is a very good dermal filler that provides long term and natural correction.  However, one should always under treat with Artefill as collagen does form around the injected microspheres over the course of three months.  After the initial correction there may be a period around a month when the improvement looks less than it does immediately after treatment.  By three months the new ingrowth of collagen provides for the final result.   Using too much Artefill can result in permanent lumps or bumps that could be difficult to reverse. I would recommend that Artefill should only be injected into the lips by a very experienced injector of this product.

Jason K. Rivers, MD
Vancouver Dermatologic Surgeon

Artefill in Lips

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I have never injected Artefill in the lips and would be very reluctant to do so. Artefill is composed of virtually microscopic spheres of 'plastic' suspended in a collagen matrix to allow for ease of injection. The collagen will typically 'disappear' relatively quickly and the spheres remain and will create extra volume by virtue of the collagen that forms around them. If you are not satisfied with the volume at this point it would be highly unlikely that you will see very much increase in volume later. In fact, I would anticipate less volume with time as the collagen disappears. This has been my experience in using Artefill in other areas of the face. Many, but not all physicians doing this kind of work, will avoid using Artefill, Radiesse and Sculptra in the lips because of the increased chance of lumps or granulomas forming. These can be very hard to treat, and in the case of Artefill, over-correction may require surgery to improve. If I were seeing you in my office I would recommend waiting at least 3 months to allow the collagen to completely re-absorb and assess the lip volume. At this point the use of Juvederm, Fat or even Silikon would be discussed as potential options. Best of luck    Dr Harrell

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