Is ArteFill a Good Alternative to Cheek Implants?

Had cheek implants about 3 months ago. They got infected and removed. My cheeks are very flat. What are the pros and cons between Fat Transfer and ArtiFill as an alternative to the cheek implants?

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Is ArteFill a Good Alternative to Cheek Implants?

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 Sadly, no.  Any permenent filler has to be injected within the fatty tissues over the cheeks for Cheek Augmentation.  This fatty tissue layers does sag, with age, towards the nose creating the nasolabial folds.  Several years after a permanent filler is placed over the cheeks, it can begin moving towards the nasolabial folds.  Using a temporary filelr (I prefer Perlane that lasts 9 months) is a better option as it's gone before it can sag within the tissues of the face.  Hope this helps.

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