Artefill for nasolabial foldsif you've had an HA filler done the past couple of years?

on artefill for nasolabial folds, what if you've had an HA filler done the past couple of years and already have about an 80% correction? wouldn't you need to let that dissolve in order to get a proper correction with a pmma or other permanent filler? and can artefill be safely injected in close proximity to areas already treated with an HA filler, assuming you've passed the bovine allergy test and there's no irritation or other problems there so far?

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Artefill and HA

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I would consider Artefill as one of the alternatives in your situation. I would probably inject it into a deeper plane into the nasolabial fold.

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Artefill for nasolabial folds after HA filler.

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Artefill can be used on the nasolabial folds after being treated with an HA filler.  I'm not sure which HA filler you had, but many of them would not last more than a year or so.  Since you mentioned that it's been a couple of years since you had the HA filler, it may be dissolved already.  If there still is some HA filler present, it would mainly affect the ability to judge how the area looks without any filler.  Artefill could still be used, but the HA would continue to dissolve over time, so that just needs to be taken into account.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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