Will ArteFill Flatten out if I Continuously Massage the Area?

I had ArteFill injected near my chin area and it was overfilled. Someone told me that if I continuously massage the area that it will flatten out. I need to know if this is true? Is it possible? Your answer would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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It really depends on where it was injected

It really depends on where it was injected and how it was injected. Since ArteFill is considered “permanent”, you should always go to a doctor who is trained in injecting it and discuss your options for how you should treat the area after it is injected. For more information on ArteFill, visit my website.

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Artefill for the chin

Whether massage will help depends on several factors: how long has it been since the injection, how over-corrected is it, etc.

Early on, it can be easy to massage some of the product before it's become fixed in the tissues, but that's also when it's most difficult to know whether there's too much product or just a lot of swelling. If it's been more than two months since the injection, over-corrected areas can be cautiously treated with steroid injections. Steroids work to decrease collagen formation (just like when treating scars), and about 80% of the corrected volume after Artefill is your own collagen. Only 20% of the volume is the actual PMMA microspheres.

Fortunately, we've never had this problem to date. One way to minimize the likelihood of over-correction is to purposely under-correct initially. Artefill is almost never done in one session, but it more commonly and more safely split across two sessions or (rarely) more to avoid this very issue.

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