Artefill to Correct an Over-done Liposuction?

I was left permanently disfigured from over agressive lipo. I am very thin no body fat to graft/transfer to the areas to correct the disfigurements. I have paid for several sculptra treatments in the major indentations. It is very costly and not permanent.

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Artefill might help fill in after liposuction

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It would really depend on what the areas looked like.  Having fat injected by another physician very skilled in liposculpting might be a better option.  Irregularities can sometimes be smoothed out by having Zeltiq (cryolipolysis) or further bodysculpting with liposuction performed around the spots where too much fat was removed, to smooth out the area may also be an option.  

This is something that would have to be evaluated carefully.  I recommend you get several expert opinions by physicans who inject fat, inject Artefill and also do either Zeltiq or liposuction body sculpting.

I would stay away from controversial treatments such as mesotherapy, you've already had enough problems and mesotherapy has not been thoroughly tested.

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