Is Artefill Good for Filling in Brow Lines?

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Artefill Use in Brow Lines

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I use ArteFill in my practice and am glad to have back on the market again. ArteFill is only FDA approved for treatment of Nasolabial folds but has been used in my office to treat the oral commissures (corners of the mouth) and marionette lines. We have had great success using it to treat deep acne scars as well using a technique called subcision. I would hesitate to use ArteFill for brow lines as the root cause of brow lines are muscle action. This is still best treated with Botox or Dysport as primary treatment./ If lines still exist after Botox treatment, then the lines can be filled with a filler. However I would only put in a resorbable filler.

Murrieta Facial Plastic Surgeon
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