Can Artecoll Lumps Under the Eyes Be Surgically Removed?

Hi, Is it possible to surgically remove lumps under the eye (tear trough area) caused by artecoll injections from 2 years ago? I believe they are granulomas and more than superficially placed product because the lumps did not appear until about 16 months after the injections.

I have tried steroids, fat grafting for camouflage, etc., but I think ultimately they will have to be surgically removed if this is possible to do with minimal scarring.

Your help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time. W.W.

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Surgical Removal Is Always An Option

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Surgical removal is always an option. If it feels as though the material is not attached to the skin, a transconjunctive approach can be used which will leave no scarring. If it appears that it is attached the skin, a skin incision may be needed but this may not be too bad depending on the location. The problem you may have is that since you have had fat grafting, removing the lumps may create depressions which will have to be addressed at another point in time. I would suggest talking with a surgeon who is proficient at blepharoplasty procedures. Similar techniques will be needed to address your concerns.

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