Is Artefill Still Approved for Use in the US?

I heard Artefill is out of the picture, at least in the United States, is this true?

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Yes, it's still approved.

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ArteFill is still approved, but since Artes Medical filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, the product is no longer being made. To say that ArteFill "isn't a good product to use" is simplistic and inaccurate.

ArteFill, like any permanent filler, carries higher risks than temporary fillers, thus requiring more careful patient selection and more careful technique. Surgery, for example, also carries significant risks (consider stroke, heart attack, and death), and yet I doubt that most plastic surgeons would therefore conclude that surgery "isn't a good product to use."

But the point may well be moot since it's unlikely that anyone will revive the product in these economic times, despite the fact that it's still approved for use by the FDA.

Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon

Artefill is both Safe and Available in the U.S.

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I have to agree with Dr. Pearson (but not with Dr. Rand.)  Artefill has always been a safe, FDA approved product and was only unavailable for a short time due to bankruptcy issues by its previous company Artes.  Suneva Medical, its new company, is doing a much better job.  

Lorrie Klein, MD
Laguna Niguel Dermatologic Surgeon
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Read the answers re Artefill on this site

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 There have been many answers re this product on RealSelf.  Please check them as they will explain why Artefill isn't a good product to use even if you could find someone who still had some that they could inject into you.

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