Artefill for my Lips?

I am planning on having Artefill injected into my lips. They are very thin, will this fill my lips out nicely so that they'd look full?

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Artefill is not a great choice for the lips.

I've been using Artefill since its introduction and prior to that I had used its predecessor, Artecoll, in Canada ten years ago. It's a product that really fills (no pun intended) a unique niche in the filler market.

That said, I do not think Artefill is the best choice in the lips. The risk of nodules and granulomas (not the same things, btw) seems to occur more often in the lips with this type of filler. And since it's a permanent material, those problems are much more difficult to address.

The lips are not a very forgiving area, so I usually recommend a long lasting, but not permanent filler for the lips. My current favorite product is Juvederm for lip enhancement. It's very smooth and lasts about six to eight months, on average.

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Artefill for the Lips

Good question.  There are some things to consider but Artefill (soon to be called Bellafill) is a great product for the lips.  It is smooth and natural feeling, long term (at least 5 years) and has an excellent safety profile.  

If you are considering getting your lips done, the things to think about are:
  • does your provider have experience with injecting into lips?  It is of paramount importance that they have lots of experience.  You cannot take this product back!
  • does you provider use a cannula to inject?  It is safer than a needle and much more precise. You cannot take this product back!
  • only allow your injector to add a little at a time.  It is okay to come back in a few weeks if you feel that you need more.  Remember that you cannot take this product back!
I hope that helps.  

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