Is ArteFill Safe in Larger Volumes when Used for Facial Lipoatrophy?

is artefil safe in larger volumes? i.e to be used for facial lipoatrophy? I live in the Uk. I'm prepared to travel, how do i find an experienced surgeon to permanently fix my face?

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Artefill for facial lipoatrophy

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Facial lipoatrophy can be treated with several different options, depending on where the lipoatrophy is located.  In regards to using fillers for treating facial lipoatrophy, I have had success using Radiesse, Sculptra, and Artefill.  All of these can give good results, but there is a difference in how long they last.  Radiesse can potentially be used in just one session to obtain a good result, but the effects will probably only last a year.  A series of Sculptra treatments can also give good results, and the effects would last 2-4 years.  Artefill would also require a series of treatments to obtain the final result, but the effects should be permanent.  With regards to Artefill, as long as there is no reaction to the skin test, there should be no problem with using larger volumes. 

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Artefill for Facial LipoAtrophy

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Good question - In theory Artefill could be used for this. However it would not be possible to correct you in one session. Of all the injectable fillers, Sculptra has been the most popular for this use. However in theory there is no reason why Artefill could not be used. Still it is a permanent filler there and there can be potential issues long term if there is any abnormal reaction to the material. You would need a collagen skin test to rule out allergies prior to injecting Artefill. I have not treated marked facial lipoatrophy with Artefill but have used large volumes on individuals wishing to augment facial features permanently. I hope this helps. Best of Luck  Dr Harrell

Artefill for lipoatrophy

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I think due to the nature of the product, it might end up with lumps or granulomas when that amount is injected. I would suggest Sculptra over Artefill for that reason.

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Sculptra preferred over Artefill for facial lipoatrophy

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In our practice lipoatrophy is best addressed by fat grafting (fat removed from one part of the body and placed in this area as a graft) or a Sculptra treatment.  Sculptra is a substance which stimulates your body to build up more tissue in the area where it is injected. The FDA has approved its use for both facial lipoatrophy due to treatment for HIV as well as its cosmetic use for soft tissue filling.


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