How Can Artecoll Be Reduced in Appearance?

I'd Artecoll injected on my jawline(rightside)because I lost a lot of facial fat from a therapy to treat a scar.

i looked very bad & agreed to it to correct the problem.My face ended up looking very assymetrical.A surgeon was able to remove some of it by doing a facelift approach & cut it out. However he was not able to remove all of it to avoid any nerve damage close to the mouth.I look better but still not normal,is there any laser that would help?or other procedure that can be done? please help

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Beverly Hills Artefill Removal

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Thanks for the question.


In order give you an accurate answer,  I would need to know in what surgical plane the Artefill was placed -  this is a question only your clinician will know.  In general, if the Artefill is fanned throughout many layers of soft-tissue it would be impossible to remove, short of cutting it out along with healthy tissue, which isn't ideal for several reasons.  If the  product was laid over the bone ( supra-periosteal injection ), it may be possible to remove it.  Again, this is case-by-case determination and I would need more information before proceeding.


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Glenn Vallecillos, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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