I have had artecoll injections. Can i now get juvederm or is there a chance of infection?

I had artecoll injections that turned out terrible . I now want to go see a different doctor to get a non permanent dermal filler to correct the mess the first doctor made. I have been told that i should not do that as the two fillers might react and i could get an infection? Is this true? I am desperate . I would also ask if anyone knows of a experienced doctor to perform the injections in the Vancouver, Canada area?

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No problem with getting Juvederm injections after Artecoll injections

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You can go ahead and get the Juvederm.  Just as with all fillers, sterility must be maintained.  If the skin is cleaned properly and the injector doesn't touch the cannula or needle, there should be no problems.  Steve Weiner, MD, Facial Plastic Surgeon.

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