How Do You Use Artalin and Hydroquione Together?

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Atralin and Hydroquinone

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The idea of combining Atralin and Hydroquinone is a good one. Essentially, Atralin is the same as Retin A. The idea of combining these two medications, echoes the concept employed by Galderma when they designed Tri-Luma, which in turn was derived from the Kligman formula. (The late Albert Kligman being the renowned dermatologist who devised Dove Soap and Retin A). 

Your dermatologist probably realizes that Tri-Luma is getting hard to comeby since production from the manufacturer has been spotty.

A large, well done clinical study by Griffiths et al, published in the October 1993 British Journal of Dermatology, showed a significant decrease in pigmentation ( 36%) with Tretinoin 0.01 cream as monotherapy. Tretinoin works to decrease pigmentation in three ways: inhibiting the production of the enzyme tyrosinase, blocking transfer of melanin, and causing epidermal cells to migrate faster so that they pick up less pigment.

Another well done  study showed that the combination of Hydroquinone and Tretinoin decresed pigmentation and the results were synergistic. 

Generally, I advocate using creams separately as combining them can reduce the concentration of each alone. I would recommend this approach with your use of Atralin and Hydroquinone. However, I would only separate their use by 30 minutes. Apply Atralin first. This may help activate the Retinoid receptors in the skin. Besides it will "open up" the skin to any ensuing application. So, wait a half hour after Atralin application, and then apply your hydroquinone. 

Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Atralin and Hydroquinone for skin lightening

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This is one of my favoriate combinations for skin lightening. Atralin is a 'Retin-A' with moisturizer built-in and is significantly less irritating than brand name or generic 'Retin-A'. I typically instruct my patients to apply alternating nights with Atralin on entire face and hydroquinone (of various percentage) or other potent bleaching cream to be spot treated on pigmented area. .After a couple weeks of this routine without any irritation, one may use Atralin earlier in the evening for entire face and spot treat with hydroquinone or other potent bleaching agent just before sleep.

Combining Atralin and Hydroquinone

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In the morning, use the 4% hydroquinone and in evening use both the hydroquinone and the Atralin Gel. Apply the hydroquinone first to a clean and dry face, then follow with the Atralin. Atralin is a popular form of tretinoin (0.5%) as it includes moisturizing agents which contribute to less irritation. Be sure to follow the directions of this prescription carefully, including not applying it near your mouth or the corners of your nose and not too close to your eyes. Also, you should be using a sunscreen of SPF 15 or greater every day, but it’s even more important to do so when using these medications as they can cause increased sensitivity to the sun.


Timothy Jochen, MD
Palm Springs Dermatologic Surgeon
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