Is there a plastic surgery remedy for a long face, low cheek bones? Drooping face. (photo)

I have a very long face with low, what I would call flat cheek bones. My facial features are too small and my face always looks droopy. What would be the best plastic surgery procedures for my dooping facial features (eyes, mouth, cheeks)? I wish I could be pretty, but less sad looking would be nice.

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Chin implants

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Chin implant surgery has long been touted as a simple operation that reliably gives good results. I believe that the aesthetic result is often less than ideal when conventional techniques are used. The result may be compromised by the preoperative analysis, the surgical technique, the implant design and the host response to the implant material.

The adequacy of chin projection should take into account several variables including sex, the effect of occlusion on lower lip position, the thickness of the chin pad, and the depth of the labiomental fold. When these variables are not considered, implant augmentation may result in a chin that is unnatural and too large, particularly in a woman.

Facial Reshaping

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A long face can be shortened by a vertical reduction chin procedure, specifically a t-shaped genioplasty to both shorten and narrow your chin. Cheek implants would provide some better midface highlights. I would also do perioral liposuction to help thin the lower face as well.

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