Is Under Armour Compression Shirts/shorts Ok to Wear After Tummy Tuck?

I am 3 weeks post op from my tummy tuck. I was wondering if wearing Under Armour type compression shorts and shirts would be helpful or hurtful? I am still wearing my "surgical" compression garment on and off through the day but as everyone knows i am looking for a little releif and change of pace, haha...any advice or suggestions would be appreciated, thank you for all your help!

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Compression Garment After Abdominoplasty

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The compression garment is very important after having a Tummy Tuck procedure.  It is used to help keep the swelling and fluid accumulation down.  I recommend wearing the compression garment for at least 6 weeks post surgery.  Then after 6 weeks patients may switch to a "Spanks" or "Assest"  type of garment as long as it has sufficient compression, occasionally depending on the patient and their healing process they may be able to switch to this type of garment at 4 weeks.  I recommend talking to your surgeon about the different types of garments and I'm sure your surgeon will be able to evaluate you and determine when you may safely switch to another type of garment.

Compression shorts

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If they cover your abdomen they might be ok.  I like my patients to wear a compression binder for 6 weeks after surgery.  Some folks struggle with this and occasionally we find an alternative that works better for them.  Check with your surgeon and see what they say.  Best of luck.  Dr. Kerr

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