Arm and Back Lipo 4 Weeks Ago and See Minimal Results?

Hi All...My name is susi... i had liposuction on my upper arms and upper back exactly 4 weeks back....and now i see very minimal result. There is little discomfort and pain,other than that there is nothing.My question is how and when would the final results come and what miracle is going to happen eventually when it has not happened any magic coming on my way and make my arms and back look slender in another 3-4 weeks?

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Liposuction of Upper Arms and Upper Back 4 weeks Postop

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    4 weeks after liposuction, you will have a great deal of swellingWait until 6 months to make an assessment.  Preoperative photos from your surgeon will be helpful in this regard as many people forget how they looked prior to surgery.  If you were a thin individual before surgery, the results will take longer to realize and will be less dramatic.

Arm and back lipo results

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Arm and back lipo results may take 4-6 months for you to see the final results. Initially there is a lot of swelling.


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After liposuction it takes 6-9 months for you to see final results. You should be wearing your compression garment to help with the swelling. You need to talk to your PS if you’re not happy with your outcome.


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Results after Liposuction

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       After liposuction it is best to be patient and not worry about results so early.  At 4 weeks there is still swelling and results may be elusive to clearly note.   Get copies of your pre operative photos and ask your doctor to take a second set at 3 months.  You should see definite change then and, if no,t  do have a discussion with your doctor.  Please remember that wound healing take a full year and some patients take longer than others.  A low salt diet also helps bring out results a little sooner generally.  Patience is important at 4 weeks.  See your doctor for reassurance.  My Best,   Dr C

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