My TT wound open at the inverted T 4 wks ago. It is now almost healed at 6 weeks PO. When can I start Embrace over scar? (photo)

I had an open wound at inverted T at 10 days PO when glue was removed. It slowly healed over 4 weeks. I am non-smkr, used manuka honey, Vaseline, high protein diet, vitamin c, 5 wet/dry dressing changes per day and rest. I am nearly healed at 6 weeks with no more fibrin and area is now same color as other TT scar just a little indented. I have been using Embrace on either side and above vert scar for last 2 weeks (was never told I would have vert scar). When can I put Embrace over the wound?

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Delayed healing - Start Embrace?

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Hello and thanks for your questions. If the wound is truly healed just now, then the remodeling will start pretty soon. This is the best time to apply Embrace - when the incision begins to remodel. Please be sure you are fully examined by your PS and get the approval for the use of the Embrace. You can also speak to them about your concern of the inverted T incision. Best, Dr. ALDO

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Using Embrace post TT

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Please follow up with your plastic surgeon and make sure that your wound has healed.   Its difficult for us to assess on line.  Embrace does work well when used early during the post operative period.

Scar treatment

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In general you should not use any substance for scar treatment while the wound is open. Once completely healed then these treatments may be started. Also if the scarring is significant at 6 months to 1 year scar revision can be considered. 

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My TT wound open at the inverted T 4 wks ago. It is now almost healed at 6 weeks PO. When can I start Embrace over scar?

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That is a decision your chosen operative surgeon needs to make not us over the internet responders....

Tummy Tuck scar

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First, make sure the wound is healed, and does not have any open areas or drainage or sign of any problems.  If the wound is healed, it's probaby worthwhile to give it a few more days to make sure everything is fine, and then Embrace can likely go ahead and be placed on it.  Definitely check with your surgeon before using it over that area, though.

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