Do all lasers leave patterns on your face?

I was considering getting some type of laser treatment on my face to refine the texture and reduce pores, but after reading about some of the bad results, I'm hesitant. Do all lasers leave patterns on your face? what about melting fat on your face? How is it that some people have developed an orange peel appearance after laser treatment?

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All lasers are different

Great questions! Lasers and light based (IPL) devices are used two different ways. The first is called a single pass where the device is placed on the skin, activated, then moved to another part of the skin that hasn't yet been treated. This single pass model can create areas of overlap or spaces in between treatment areas. This is why some patients get that striped appearance to the skin. The other way some lasers work is through multiple passes. In this method the laser has a predetermine amount of energy which needs to be delivered to the skin. Here, the user goes back and forth over the same areas of the skin again and again in a criss cross pattern. Because of this, this multiple passes creates an even treatment area without single spots of overlap or gaps in the treatment areas. An excellent laser for treating skin texture, tone, and pigment is the Halo laser. This laser uses multiple passes to create a very even treatment area. I hope this helps and good luck in your area.

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