Dental Bonding For Lateral Incisor. Any suggestions? (photos)

My dentist is going to replace my 15 year old discolored crown on one of my lateral incisors. He told me he's going to match it to my other incisor, however, i asked if he could fill-in my other incisor with bonding to achieve a more desirable smile. Can this be achieved only with bonding on the lateral incisor or is a veneer the only other option?

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Bonding for lateral incisor?

Dental bonding can give you a great, natural looking result for your other lateral incisor.  In our practice we place a Smile Preview Veneer to allow you to see how your tooth will look with cosmetic bonding prior to placement of permanent bonding. This only takes about two minutes, and allows you to decide if you like how it looks.  If yo do, we then proceed with permanent bonding; if you do not like how it looks, then we might have to do a porcelain veneer to get the look you are after.

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Bonding or veneer

Doing a single crown on a lateral incisor is OK. Make sure it is all-porcelain crown. To answer the rest of your question, you need to decide on an objective. Do you want the rest of your teeth to be whiter? are they healthy or need treatment? Put in mind that you would not be able to change the crown shade on the lateral incisor in the future. Finally, bonding can be perfected but it will definitely stain in the future.

Bonding or veneer

Great question--a cosmetic dentist skilled in composite bonding often can actually create a better result than a technician with a porcelain veneer. The challenge is matching the new single crown. With all-ceramic crowns that is much more predictable than with the old metal reinforced variety.I am sure they will do a great job for you. Good luck!

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