How can I alter my face to look more chiseled and angular? Right now it is round and baby-like (Photos)

Facial feminization? Chin implant, nose job, cheek implants, brow lift, forehead rounding to look more womanly. Lip augmentation? Please see the comments on the celebrity photos to see what I like.

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Frame those baby blues

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First, build on your strong suits.  You have beautiful skin and enviable eyes, so you should try to highlight theses features.  Adding some volume to your cheeks, especially in front right under your eyes.  This will bring more light into your eyes and really highlight them.  You can do that with a filler, like voluma, which I often recommend patients start with as it is reversible.  You can also add volume with fat injections or implants, which are more difficult to reverse.  You pointed out that you like the defined jaw line in several of those photos.  You can augment your jaw line with implants, but I typically do that for male patients and I'm not confident that would give you the affect your are looking for.  I think a better procedure for your might be to remove something called your "buccal fat pads."  There is a small fat pad that sits lower in your cheek, right over where your teeth meet.  Removing this creates some hollowness in above your jaw and below your cheek bones.  This will make both your jawline and cheeks appear more prominent, giving your face a little of the hourglass shape that you seem to like in the other photos.  A rhinoplasty could give your nose the more defined tip you liked.  Finally, I don't know if it's just the photo angle, but your upper looks a lot thinner then the rest of your models.  Some filler or even a lip lift could add some volume and show a lot more red lip.  I think these procedures would make a big change toward your desired look. Don't forget, you have a head start on your journey, most of my patients would love to have started theirs with such beautiful eyes!

Bryan Rolfes, MD

Minneapolis Otolaryngologist
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