Left breast implant feels uncomfortable?

I've had my implants for 5 years - I'm 24 years old. My left impant has been hurting the past two days.. - not unbearable but definitely feels "different".. tingly / sharp pain. Physically it looks the same. I'm just a little concered. I've seen terror photos of implants growing mold.. Or other awful stories. I just wanted a peace of mind.. Should I go in and see my doctor? Or is this normal? I get cramps every now and then.. But this is different. And only in my left implant. Thank you in advance!

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Get it checked

Do not just seek reassurances on internet. You need to get yourself checked to see what is going on. It is best to call the surgeon whom you saw for your surgery.

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Left breast implant feels uncomfortable

Thank you for your question.  I'm sorry to hear about your discomfort.  To have reassurance, make an appointment with your surgeon to get evaluated.  This is the only way to know for sure.  Good luck.

Zachary Farris, MD, FACS
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Breast pain after augmentation

Thanks for your inquiry and sorry for your concern, if you were my patient I would want you to call us or in this case your surgeon to be examined and evaluated.  In a face to face encounter you will have the best chance to alleviate any fears or concerns.  Good Luck.  

Vishnu Rumalla, MD
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Pain after Breast Augmentation

The sensation you are feeling is most likely pain from nerve regeneration.  This is a common condition seen years later in breast augmentation patients.  Advil and time usually abate the symptoms.

Mark A. Schusterman, MD
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Left breast implant feels uncomfortable

Thank you for your question.  With it just being two days since you are experiencing this discomfort , it can be something as simple as a pulled muscle.  It is too soon to tell.  For re-assurance , if this continues for more then a week or so, I recommend seeing your PS so he or she can examine you.  

Chad Robbins, MD
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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Change in breast implants

Thanks for your question - I would advise that you go and see a local plastic surgeon for an examination as what you describing may be due to early capsular contracture which is the scar tissue that forms around your (and everyone's) breast implants.  Although you have only had the implants for 5 years, some women can get shooting pains from capsule formation at this point.

Dan Marsh, PhD, FRCS(Plast)
London Plastic Surgeon
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