To bond or not to bond? Upper front teeth space. (photo)

I have a space between my upper front teeth that I really want closed. I know that braces are the best way of doing this but I need it closed by June (this is November) for my graduation. Is my space too large. Around how much does it cost to bond two teeth? How long does this take to get done? Thanks for the help.

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Bonding against veneers

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the problem with bonding, is that is not a long term solution, and sooner or later you will be having to change them , and they will change color. also your teeth will look more wider, now, if you want to do veneers you will need to shave teeth down, but aesthetically they will look more nice and even.shape, size and color, will be the things that can be changed also with veneers.

To bond or not to bond?

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Bondig can give you the results you are looking for, giving you a more beautiful smile in a faster way. Bondign can be done in a couple of hours depending of the quantity and how careful is your dentist with details. Another good option are poprcelain veneers. The difference is that porcelain veneers are made in the laboratory with an stronger material and it can takes more time. Abou the price, bonding is cheaper and it cost around us$250.00 per tooth. There are many dentist that can offer a complete package of bonding or porcelain where you can compare price and quility. 

Good luck!

Bonding, gapped teeth

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You can definitely close the gap with bonding in one appointment. The cost varies depending on the material, expertise and area.  


Dr. Maddahi 

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To bond or not to bond?

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Bonding would be a good, quick solution for you.  You are missing your two lateral incisors and therefore braces or Invisalign might not be able to close the space completely.  You might also want to consider bonding your two teeth next to your front teeth, to make them look like lateral incisors.  You could have your dentist place a mockup or preview veneer with composite to show you how the results would look, before you commit to treatment.  Cost will vary from dentist to dentist, but will be much less expensive than other alternatives.  For a longer term result but with a higher cost, 2 or 4 porcelain veneers would be another good alternative.  Bonding can be done in 1 visit, porcelain veneers would require a minimum of 2 visits.  For best cosmetic and long term results, choose an experienced and artistic cosmetic dentist.  It might cost more, but you will be happier in the end!

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