What is Realistic from Smartlipo for my Body Shape? (photo)

I am a male 31, who has been the fat kid all his life. I have gone from 310 lbs to 229lbs. I want to look good and I went into for a consultation with a doctor here in Arlington VA. I realize with my size, a tummy tuck is ideal. But I started a new job so I cannot take any down time nor can I afford it, since I am paying my mom's bills (She has stage 4 cancer). So I have turned to smartlipo to help me.....how much can fat weigh can be removed and how excess skin will I have?

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What are realistic results from SmartLipo...?

Firstly, I applaude you for being there for your mother when she most needs you.  Secondly, congratulations on your phenomenal weight loss achievement!  Realistically, you do have a substantial amount of excess skin due to your previous weight gain.  SmartLipo and other laser-assisted liposuction devices will give you some improvement, but will not address the entire loose skin issues.  Some level of "tissue reduction" along with liposuction, perhaps to both the chest and abdomen area, will give you optimal results.  I suggest you consult a trusted cosmetic surgeon, and save up for both.

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You may be a Smartlipo candidate

It is best to meet with a surgeon in order to see what procedure will give you the results you are looking to achieve. Smartlipo will help you to get rid of those stubborn fat areas.

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What is Realistic from Smartlipo for my Body Shape?

       I perform about 500 liposuction procedures and 300 tummy tuck procedures a year.  I do not think that you will be happy with just liposuction.  I would save your money and find a time when it is more conducive to having a tummy tuck.  By the way, the male tummy tuck usually does not require plication or muscle tightening and is generally easier than that typically performed in females.   Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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