Numbness and inflammation on scar after tummy tuck. Is this normal?

I'm 43 had a tummy tuck 26 weeks ago. I'm still experiencing numbness and inflammation on scar. My stomach is very hard and it's still as big as it was before surgery. Is this normal ? Not getting any good answers from my doctor.

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Tummy tuck recovery

Without photos or better yet, assessing you in person, it's impossible to say what exactly is going on. It can take anywhere from 6 months to a year for the swelling to fully subside. Numbness certainly isn't unusual, but the inflammation has me slightly concerned. I don't think it would be a bad idea to have your tummy assessed in person by your surgeon. Always best to err on the side of caution.


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Tummy tuck healing


Healing from a tummy tuck can take some time. However, without photos it's difficult to say what's going on. I would recommend having a clinic visit with your doctor to find out what he/she thinks is going on. If you find that you are not getting answers, perhaps it would be good to get a second opinion from another plastic surgeon. 

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Numbness and inflammation after tummy tuck

Healing from tummy tuck surgery can take many months.   It is difficult to comment on your specific concerns without current and preoperative pictures. The numb sensation on the lower abdomen can take a year or more to resolve. Sometimes the sensation along the scar itself never returns to normal.   It is also very common to feel some firmness or what is called induration below the incision. There are a lot of deep sutures in place that are typically absorbed over time, but this can take many months.  In rare cases patients will develop something called fat necrosis which causes The area to feel hard in some places.    Generally speaking, at six months since your surgery most of your initial inflammation and swelling should be resolved.  Convey your concerns to your surgeon. Best wishes to you!

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