Will I be the next patient featured on botched or am I just being impatient and over-dramatic? (photos)

Approx. 2 wks ago I had a full TT. At the preop consult the surgeon said that he wouldn't make a new belly button but move my old one down. Having had 3 babies/c-sections & gaining/losing 70+lbs in 7 years, this worried me. After I could easily stand up straight. I think he should have taken AT least 3 more in. of skin. I now know that I was given a bikini tuck, not a full TT. I now have a apron, stretch marks, and lumps. Trying to be patient, very unhappy with outcome. Will I need a revision?

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Will I be the next patient featured on botched or am I just being impatient and over-dramatic?

Thank you for your question and for sharing your photographs.  You do have a fair amount of swelling still present to the tissues of your lower abdomen that is masking your final results, but based on your pictures alone it does appear that you have some residual skin present that may have benefitted from resection.  Without having been present at your initial consultation it is difficult to know the results you were seeking to obtain so I would communicate your concerns to your surgeon so that the two of your can review your preoperative plan and discuss how your current results reflect that.  Once fully healed you may need a revision to remove additional skin.  

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Photos suggest that revision surgery may be necessary.

Thank you for your question and photos. To be fair, you are only 2 weeks post-op, so there is quite a bit of swelling still present and the healing process is nowhere near complete. However, even at 2 weeks, I would expect to see a better result than your photos show. As your question indicates, it appears you were given a mini tummy tuck, which focuses on the lower part of the abdomen and does not involve relocating the belly button. I’m not sure what kind of results your plastic surgeon said you should expect after your procedure, but I don’t think you’re being overdramatic about your results. There’s still quite a bit of excess skin, and I believe a revision surgery could remove more skin, reposition the belly button and provide a smoother, flatter abdomen. Best of luck to you.  

Will I be the next patient featured on botched or am I just being impatient and over-dramatic?

You are very early in the healing process and swelling should continue to subside however, it does appear some more skin could have been removed but it is difficult to comment without an in person assessment. Please address your concerns with your chosen surgeon.


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Tummy tuck - lipoabdominalplasty - liposuction - abdominalplasty

Thank you for posting your pictures. It seems that there is still quiet some redundant skin left. After a full tummy tuck , especially if it is combined with liposuction ( i.e. lipoabdominalplasty), there would not be as much loose skin. Even being only 2 weeks out, you would expect a much tighter appearing abdomen. Discuss your appropriate concerns with your surgeon. 

Best of luck

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Concerns after tummy tuck surgery...

I am sorry to hear about your concerns; based on your photographs, I think the concerns are understandable.  In other words, I do not think that you are being "overdramatic". Bsed on your  history and photographs, I think that a full tummy tuck  operation was certainly indicated;  frankly, I don't understand exactly what operation was performed.  At this point, there is not much to be done; unfortunately I think that revisionary surgery is going to be necessary longer term to improve the outcome. Best wishes.

Will I be the next patient featured on botched or am I just being impatient and over-dramatic?

Sounds that You are overly dramatic! To me you might have needed a FULL TT? But no before posted photos to compare?? Best to seek in person paid  second opinions.

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