How does the Mentor enhanced warranty work?

I purchased this for peace of mind and I am just a little confused. I am asking because I think I might have CC in one of my breasts. I have subgladular textured implants placed 9/18/15. It sits a little higher, hard and painful. I cant tell that big of a difference in appearance. It just feels... not right. Thanm you

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Mentor enhanced warranty

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Thank you for your question. The Mentor enhanced warranty will cover a capsular contracture Baker Grade 3 or 4, double capsule and late-forming seromas. They will provide your surgeon with a new implant and provide up to $3,500 in financial assistance toward your procedure. This is for all primary augmentations performed with the MemoryGel implants after 10/6/2014. 

Your first step in the process is going to your surgeon for a consultation and exam. Your surgeon will be able to determine if you have a capsular contracture and what grade of contracture you have. If you do in fact have a capsular contracture grade 3 or 4, your surgeon's staff will start the warranty process for you. They typically will require the surgeon's note, the original op-note and a photo to open the case.

How does enhanced warranty work?

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Hello SagerGirl. Thanks for your question. You will need to see your plastic surgeon or any other plastic surgeon that routinely uses Mentor breast implants. They will confirm if you have a CC and then contact Mentor to activate your warranty. Capsular contracture typically requires surgery which may include changing out the pockets from above to below muscle, capsule tissue removal, exchanging the breast implants, adding dermal grafts, etc. Only an expert can tell you if you indeed have a CC and which of the many options mentioned will be required to treat your CC. The enhanced warranty is a limited warranty and may not cover the costs of the entire revision, but it can cover up to $3500.00 dollars. I suggest you will get better care and prices with your original surgeon, but it's up to you. 

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