What is the root cause of receding hair above and around my ears? It's not hair loss but more of a very bad hairline. (photo)

Simply put, there is no hair growing above and around my ears. It started years ago but getting worse. I have been managing this situation by making sure the hair above my ears is just long enough to touch my ears. Most guys will start buzz shave their heads when they start losing their hair but as you can see, that would look ridiculous. Is there a cause other than a messed up hairline? Any options for me other than shaving my head clean to the scalp? (by the way, I do use Rogaine/Propecia)

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Hair loss above ears

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You remind me of a recent case I saw wherein a balding man who I transplanted 10 years ago developed patchy hair loss in the temples. This has turned out to be a case of alopecia areata and is responding to therapy. See a dermatologist for an evaluation.

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