Skin After Lipo?

I am 25yrs old. I want to have lipo done on my belly and flanks. I was wondering after weight loss will my skin hang or return to its natural state or do I need a tummy tuck?

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Skin Elasticity

Liposuction is a technique to improve body contours that are problematic.  It will result in a better shape of the area in interest.  It is not practical to use it soley as a weight loss technique.  The regions treated with liposuction will have less fat though and the body has to compensate by tightening the skin around the treated area.  While skin is elastic, its elasticity can be compromised due to many factors.   These include, but are not limited to significan weight fluctuations over the course of ones life, history of poor lifestyle choices (smoking, drinking excessively, etc), age, among others.  Given you are 25, unless you have undergone a large weight loss, the skin should be very elastic and be able to adapt and hopefully a tummy tuck can be avoided. 

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Hanging Skin after Liposuction

     Many patients can be grouped into patients who need tummy tuck and those who do not need tummy tuck.  However, there are some patients who have skin that is not perfect but may respond well to liposuction alone.  A simple exam can determine into which category you fall.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Skin After Liposuction

Skin is remarkably elastic and usually does quite well in retracting after fat loss. If, however, there is lasting laxity, this can be treated by either using the LipoLite laser during the procedure to tighten skin, or using a skin tightening technology such as Thermage. However, with the amount of fat that is usually removed with liposuction, it usually is not a problem.

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Loose skin after liposuction

The quality of your skin and amount of liposuction will determine if you have any skin hanging afterward. Also if you have had pregnancy or significant weight gain in the past that stretched out your skin. Most of the time, if you had pregnancy in the past, significant weight gain, stretch marks on your skin, or lost of skin "bounciness", you will likely need a tummy tuck to go along with liposuction to achieve the best result. Your consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon will guide you with the right procedure.

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Tummy tuck and lipo and loose skin

Without an exam it is hard to say how your skin will respond to either procedure.   Good luck with your decision.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Will I need a tummy tuck?

There are good indicators that you would do well with liposuction. In fact, because you are young, unless you have lost considerable weight, I would be reluctant to recommend an abdominoplasty for you. Without more history and photos, it is hard to predict how your skin will respond. Your skin elasticity and firmness also is helpful to predict how your skin will respond following liposuction. Newer technologies such as the Smart Lipo Triplex and the Vaser help to facilitate tightening of the skin. See a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has experience and good results and make sure the doctor examines you in the consultation. Many practices that "specialize" in liposuction have their "patient counselors" see patients for consultations which is not appropriate to do evaluations as to the this should always be done by the surgeon prior to the recommendation for the best procedure. They are salespeople are fronting as medical experts and the, "hard sell",  practices may not have your best interests at heart.  

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Too much loose skin

Because you are quite young, your elasticity of your skin is better than as you get older.  If you have stretched your skin more by having kids or loosing a lot of weight, this will make the skin you have not as elastic and may droop more.  Your age probably means that you would be fine, but you do need to have an examination by a board certified plastic surgeon to make sure.  Other things that may be able to help not have as much loose skin, is to do ultrasonic assisted liposuction where there is heat added to your dermis by the Vaser or other ultrasonic liposuction, and gets the best contraction of the skin you may have.  Good luck.

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Without an exam to be able to see the quality of your skin we cannot give you adequate advice. Make sure you talk to your PS about your concerns.


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Liposuction after weight loss in Los Angeles

most women who have lost weight and have had loose skin wounder if they need a tummy tuck or they can just get away with liposuction? The answer depends on thier skin elasticity. An experienced plastic surgeon who specializes in liposuction can often make that determination after examining you.

Sean Younai, MD, FACS
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Skin After Lipo?

That question cannot be answered without a physical exam. Make sure you see a well trained surgeon experienced in liposuction and he will not have any trouble answering your question. If you go to one of the clinics that has only liposuction to offer, they will probably tell you you are a good candidate no matter what so be careful who you consult with.

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